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POEM: Dreams of a Leader

Thursday, Aug 3 - Well, sure. TR had to go. And no great loss. Presidents look stupid wearing glasses.

On the wing: Tanglewood Takes Flight

Thursday, Jul 27 - Leave a phone message that you would like to join Friday's or Saturday's Tanglewood Takes Flight events (413-637-0320) or, if you just wake up early and perky, drive over to Pleasant Valley and take part.

Tanglewood takes flight at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Tuesday, Jul 25 - "I would like to continue incorporating nature into what we do at the TMC. Every year brings something new. But I would love to think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between us and Pleasant Valley,” -- Ellen Highstein, Tanglewood Music Center Director

IS183 artist profile: Brielle Rizzotti

Monday, Jul 24 - Whether creating her own work, planning a curriculum or teaching students a new technique or media, each activity supports and strengthens Brielle Rizzotti's understanding of the other.