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Leonard Quart is Professor Emeritus of Cinema — CUNY and COSI; Contributing Editor, Cineaste; Columnist for Berkshire Eagle; and co-author of American Film and Society Since 1945 —4th Edition (Praeger).

Articles by Leonard Quart

LEONARD QUART: Chance encounters in The Big City

Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 - I’m someone who likes to ask questions of some of the people I run into, and more often than not people are willing to talk either about themselves or the world they inhabit in evocative and informative ways.

LEONARD QUART: City of flux

Monday, 15 Feb 2016 - One wants to see some of the grit and buildings on the Bowery preserved. The street had a distinctive personality, and an aesthetic of its own.

LEONARD QUART: My blizzard

Sunday, 24 Jan 2016 - The city is struggling to recover from the blizzard. I can hear the whistling sound of heavy winds through my window.

LEONARD QUART: Welcoming the New Year

Saturday, 2 Jan 2016 - When I was in my twenties, the holidays meant a frantic race from party to party. They were usually unsatisfying, even alienating, experiences.

LEONARD QUART: Christmas in New York 

Monday, 21 Dec 2015 - None of these over-the-top displays aim at subtlety but their spectacle attempts to envelop us all in holiday good feelings, and it succeeds with many. Still, the abattoir much of the world has turned into repels and frightens me.

LEONARD QUART: A NYC kaleidoscope

Friday, 13 Nov 2015 - No matter how much we work at keeping fit, there is no predicting when we will be struck, and suddenly become more fragile, even incapacitated.

Film Review: ‘American Sniper,’ a disturbing hero

Saturday, 14 Feb 2015 - Kyle has no doubt that he is fighting for both his country and his notion of God and for protecting his brother soldiers. He manifests almost no guilt about what he has done, though one knows that among his victims there are innocents as well as genuine terrorists.