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An interior designer, Jess Cooney is known for her ability to transfer her clients “wish list” to a visual reality. She worked from 2000-2003 for JBK Interiors in Colorado and then started her own firm in Great Barrington in 2003. Since then she has brought back to life many beautiful homes and unique spaces in the Berkshires, Boston, and NYC. Jessie has won historic renovation awards for her work on older homes in both Massachusetts and New York. She currently lives in Great Barrington with her husband, 3 young children and dogs Buckley and Roxie.
She breaks down the design and renovation processes step by step for her clients so that they clearly understand the design and construction process along the way. The outcome is a smart, focused, timeless design that families will appreciate for years to come.

Articles by Jessie Cooney

TRANSFORMATIONS: Clearing clutter

Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 - Our inability to manage our “stuff” is a growing trend; we accumulate without realizing it … and without wanting it.

TRANSFORMATIONS: A place for everything

Friday, 22 May 2015 - Lake houses are among my favorite projects. I love creating a relaxed, comfortable, cozy vibe for families and their weekend guests. Some of the demands of our primary homes can be lessened for families in a vacation home, but many of the same storage needs still apply.