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Deb Koffman is an artist, animator, author and teacher. She hosts IN WORDS OUT WORDS(IWOW), an open mic nite on the first Tuesday of every month at her gallery in Housatonic. Every Saturday she offers Drawing As Mindfulness Practice in her upstairs studio. Visit for event schedule and to see her books, cards, prints and blog about mindfulness and creativity.

Articles by Deb Koffman

SOUL SUPPORT: Collected moments

Friday, 12 May 2017 - Each moment of our lives matter, the ones we delight in, the ones we wait for, the ones we hate, the ones we ignore…

SOUL SUPPORT: This is art

Saturday, 29 Apr 2017 - This is art... sometimes I think art is stupid, unimportant and worthless... sometimes...

SOUL SUPPORT: Being with a block

Saturday, 1 Apr 2017 - Here’s a block that’s in your way. What to do? What to say? Love or hate, ignore or play, with this block that’s in your way.