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A resident of Stockbridge, Carole Owens is the author of seven books, three newspaper columns, and numerous feature articles. As a local historian, Owens was named Scholar in Residence by the Massachusetts Council on the Humanities.

Articles by Carole Owens

CONNECTIONS: A pillar, a house on the hill, a mystery

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017 - Underledge was built by the Clifford Brothers and it is not a stretch to imagine that one of them carved "1915" into a pillar as they built Underledge, except for one thing: it was not built in 1915.

CONNECTIONS: The Deflector-in-Chief

Tuesday, 4 Apr 2017 - Deflection is accusing another of doing the very thing you are guilty of yourself. The guilty party does this to avoid any investigation or consequence of his own behavior.

CONNECTIONS: Divorce, early 20th-century style

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017 - A married woman had no right to own, buy and sell property separate from her husband. Therefore, if a husband became angry or aggrieved at her wish to separate or divorce, he could simply leave. A deserted wife had no way to support herself.

CONNECTIONS: Murders most opportune

Tuesday, 7 Mar 2017 - Like his mentor, Bowerman sought and held public offices including lieutenant governor, and “did not trouble himself” with the practice of law. So one might wonder: what compelled or enticed the 42-year-old Bowerman to represent Henry Pratt against the charge of murder at the court in Lenox in 1862?

CONNECTIONS: Natural equilibrium

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017 - In little villages like Stockbridge as well as on the national stage, there should always be two candidates for each position. There is a paucity of candidates. It is a kind of political anemia. It is not good for us; the voters deserve a choice. It is not good for democracy.

CONNECTIONS: The Berkshire hotel stampede

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017 - There is more money available at better rates for new builds. Tax deductions for depreciation help carry the new hotel even when it is not profitable. Spreading loss over a chain of hotels, some very profitable, may also be a benefit.

CONNECTIONS: When money didn’t count

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2017 - It is odd, is it not, that something that became the basis of our 20th- and 21st-century values was not even a part of daily life in the first years of our country.

CONNECTIONS: Truth or consequences

Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016 - Have we developed systems that protect lies? Have we confused unfiltered with accurate? Has truth become the victim of policy? If truth is holy, then who is protecting it and how?