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Special interest money endangering democracy

Monday, 16 Feb 2015 - In her letter to the editor, Lynn Posner of Sheffield writes: "Across the country a movement is growing in reaction to the billions of dollars being spent to influence our elections and in turn, have undo influence over the members of our government who receive these enormous amounts cash, often in untraceable super-pacs."

Letter: Elm Court upgrade will benefit Lenox

Friday, 13 Feb 2015 - In his Letter to the Editor supporting the expansion and renovation of Elm Court, Bob Romeo of Lenox writes: "Every Great Estates project served as a 'shot in the arm' to increasing property values, bringing needed improvements to roadways, sidewalks, water and sewer capacities and other utilities."

Elm Court resort and spa will benefit Berkshires

Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015 - In their letter to the editor, Martin and Wendy Kaplan write: "A beautifully maintained high end resort will add to the beauty and economic success of our region, far more than the empty mansion and land going to seed. Eventually, of course, if this proposal is rejected, then the estate will be sold to someone else, and the result may be far more problematic than the wonderful proposal now being considered."

Generosity Economy is a gift for all

Monday, 29 Dec 2014 - In her letter to the editor, Susan Bachelder of Egremont writes: "New England is blessed with great resources in culture, education and many working farms. We are also Yankees and the Generosity Economy is based on an old saying of my Aunt Julia – 'Use a little; Save a little; Pass a little on'. "

Electric rate hikes amount to blackmail on behalf of pipeline

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014 - In her letter, Edge environmental correspondent Mary Douglas writes: "Kinder Morgan would realize a 10 to 14 percent annual return on its investment as a regulated monopoly for the life of the pipeline — 100 years or more ... However, there is plenty of time to put together alternatives, such as a mix of renewables, demand reduction, energy efficiency, market adjustments."

North Adams tree lighting a success

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014 - In her letter, Roslyn Cummings, interim director of tourism and public events for North Adams, writes: "This is an event that many in North Adams look forward to each year. It brings out a sense of community during the holiday season which is comforting and joyous."

‘Unconscionable’ electric rate hike

Friday, 21 Nov 2014 - In his letter to the editor, John Grogan of Housatonic writes: "Notice the ridiculous 37 percent rate hike?!? We can't take that lying down."

Election Day questions, no answers

Thursday, 6 Nov 2014 - In her letter Susan Olshuff of Lenox write; "We’ve all heard the quote by Einstein that 'you can’t fix a problem from the same level of thinking that created the problem in the first place.' "

Energy committee disputes Berkshire Edge analysis of gas pipeline decision

Thursday, 6 Nov 2014 - "The six New England states never, as the article stated, made “a decision to impose a charge of dubious legality on all New England ratepayers in order to support the funding of a natural gas pipeline that is planned to traverse Massachusetts." -- Heather Hunt, executive director of New England States Committee on Electricity

District needs a ‘clear’ vision of 21st century education

Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014 - In his letter, David Long of Housatonic writes: "This is not a time for the opposition to gloat, or the pro side to be discouraged. Yes one opportunity has been rejected. But now we have a new opportunity to do something even better."

Supt. Dillon responds to misinformation, sets record straight

Friday, 31 Oct 2014 - In his letter, Berkshire Hills Supt. Peter Dillon writes: "Recent posts on social media, letters and comments on radio programs are so filled with inaccuracies and glaring omissions that it makes sense to set the record straight. Our recent community dialogues about the high school renovation project have surfaced a range of concerns that may have been ignored for decades. We’re working hard to resolve them and are making significant progress."